This one’s for you

I have had a great day today.

I am a mother to two wonderful boys, I have a mum who is also my best friend, I have a lovely mother-in-law and friends who are mothers who I can always call on in times of happiness and sadness. I spent time with my children and husband. I surprised my mum with a cheeky visit. I relaxed, I cooked, I played, I laughed.

I also thought.

I read through my Facebook timeline and saw so many hard-to-read stories of struggling, loss, doubt, anger… I thought how days like today can bring upset and negativity rising to the surface for many varied reasons and it makes me really sad. I wanted to post something for people who may be feeling different today. We are getting better as a society to consider other’s feelings but it still smarts like hell sometimes. Days like today can be a smack in the face instead of a nest of comfort. I wanted to reach out and show I’m thinking of those struggling and to say that I am really, very thankful for my life and those in it, as I sit here now, typing away.


For the mothers who managed one, maybe two hours broken sleep last night,
for the mothers dreading the fallout from today’s routine change,
for the mothers who had no painted hand-prints or gifts…
this one’s for you. 


For the mothers without a peaceful lay-in this morning,
for the mothers who stood in line buying their own card or gift, 
for the mothers solo parenting through this crazy maze…
this one’s for you. 


For the mothers who struggle with mental and physical health,
for the mothers who never had maternal love wrap around them,
for the mothers who are scared they’re doing it all wrong…
this one’s for you.


For those with heavy hearts and falling tears,
for those who miss their loved ones desperately,
for those who yearn for one more hug…
this one’s for you.



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