Love On The Rocks

A few weeks ago Sully and I were taking a slow stroll down the road, enjoying being able to get out safely again after the snow (ice and wheelchairs do not mix well!). Suddenly we both spotted a brightly painted rock sitting on the wall.

20180315_130555 (1)
“One kind word can change everything”

I’d heard of the lovely trend of painting pebbles and rocks for strangers to find along the coasts of the UK back last year and I knew that some larger cities had started their own splinter groups but I had no idea that something like this was going on in South London! Sullivan was overjoyed to find this beautifully painted pebble so close to our own house and after explaining the concept to him, he immediately wanted to paint our own rocks to hide around our home town for others to find.

Locating suitable pebbles was a bit tricky for us. Sullivan doesn’t like touching mud and isn’t too hot on searching around for things and I’m limited with not being able to move around too much or reach around the ground safely so hunting for our own didn’t really work. I tried some local shops for some decorative pebbles to paint but alas, the shops were pebble-free. After looking around online and losing hope of finding anything we could work with, my fab parents came to the rescue, bringing us a massive bag full of smooth rocks and pebbles from Bunnings.

We joined the Love On The Rocks – South London Facebook Group (printed on the back of our rock) and uploaded our photos of our beautiful found rock, before starting on our own little project to decorate and hide six rocks ourselves.


We started by picking out some of the smoother rocks to make it easier for Sullivan and I to paint on.


Sullivan chose to paint three pieces. He had tons of fun searching on Google for inspiration and then rummaging through the many paints and varnishes we have to bring his ideas to life.



I painted mine with a theme of love and positivity. There’s a lot of negativity around London at the moment with the levels of gun and knife crime we’re experiencing. I know this won’t help those struggles but I hope those who find our rocks will have their hearts filled with an unexpected moment of happiness. Everyone needs those sometimes.


We used a mix of acrylic paint, glitter glue, crystals and permanent markers to decorate our rocks. I then coated them in two layers of waterproof resin in the hopes they’d stay UK weather-proof!


I printed the labels for the back on normal printer paper and we used good old Pritt Stick to adhere them to the back of the rocks. I then went over this a few times with the resin varnish too.


After waiting a few days for the resin varnish to fully dry, the weather was beautiful and we decided that today was the day to set off and hide our creations over Penge. We chose our locations with the idea of hidden in plain sight, just like the original one we found was. My eldest son was great at thinking of places to put the rocks!



We had such a fun time designing, painting and hiding our rocks Id definitely recommend it as an activity even if you haven’t found any yourself, you could be the person to start it in your area! Have a search on Facebook first to see if there are any groups set up locally and then get involved/start it up! We chatted about how lovely it felt finding such an unexpected special treasure and how equally exciting it felt hiding the same little bit of happiness for someone else to find.

Have you ever joined with with a Love On The Rocks or painted pebble type project? I’d love to see your pictures if you have!


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