Mobility Monday : Stormy Weather

Mobility Monday is going to be a little short today simply because we’ve all been yucky ill and the weather has been atrocious. We just haven’t been doing much outside of the house except snuggling down at home, in the warm.

We did however venture out early during the beginning of storm Ciara, which wasn’t the greatest of ideas but was pretty essential for us. We only have specific days we’re able to go shopping for a big supermarket food shop and unfortunately, this fell on storm Ciara’s height of havoc.

Controlling the Lith-Tech Smart Chair 1XL was very easy in the high, blustery winds. I was nervous having never really tried to drive in extreme weather conditions before but the ‘chair felt sturdy, safe and controlled well. The team at Lith-Tech explained at my demo meeting that their chairs can withstand light rain but anything heavier needs an extra bit of protection (a plastic covering) over the drive pad. This all comes free with the wheelchair when you purchase your model of choice and can be stored safely in the little zipped bag compartment behind your legs, for quick access if you’re ever caught out in unexpected bad weather.

Once again, we were all thankful for the speed and ease of transferring and packing the S-C 1XL into the boot of our car, as the lashing rain and forceful wind picked up. Shopping was much less stressful than expected. We drove straight into one of 5+ free disabled spaces (which never happens!) and the shop was unusually quiet for a Sunday. I’m sure everyone else was much more sensible and decided to hide at home but it made for a much more pleasant experience for us. Large supermarket shopping can be tricky to navigate in a wheelchair (as I’m sure it can be for many other disabled and able-bodied people too). There are people who literally don’t see me or feel it’s acceptable to push past or even climb over me to reach something. I can’t reach a lot of items myself as they are placed too high, low or deep into freezers. The checkout tills are quite inaccessible too as I can’t reach into my trolley to load onto the conveyor belt but I also find it difficult to pack my items into our bags at the other end. Luckily I have my husband and my dad to help out. I know we always have online shopping as an alternative but our last few deliveries have been terrible, so it’s not always a great compromise.

After getting everything we needed for the week, we headed back to the car to make our way home. The height restriction sign at the exit to the car park was wildly swinging every which way, chains clanking aggressively together, which was a bit scary as we have such a tall car. Does anyone else automatically duck under those restrictions when you’re travelling in a car, like it will help you get through it?! Maybe it’s a me thing. The winds were picking up even more and we were all glad we decided to venture out early. I felt the strength of the pushes of wind against the wheelchair much stronger than when we headed out but even with the power of the storm increasing, I felt safe.

As I sit here writing this, I’m currently listening to storm Dennis, battering my windows and rattling my doors. Hopefully next weekend we won’t have yet another storm visiting. Did you brave the winds this past week? Let me know below!

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