Mobility Monday : Shopping Around

Welcome back to Mobility Monday!

It’s a short one this week as we’ve not been out and about much. In fact, as I’m writing this, we are yet again stuck indoors due to a power cut and lift failure.

During one of the small times we made it out last week, we managed to visit Barnardo’s charity shop in our high street. I’ve always wanted to visit but couldn’t gain access in my NHS wheelchair due to the lip over the doorway being too high for me to navigate over. Whilst passing by and peeking in the window at all of the goodies, we decided to give the doorway a try in my new Lith-Tech Smart Chair 1 XL.

The shop assistant was super kind and opened up both doors to give me as much space to manoeuvre as possible. I reversed slowly (which I already talked about in my previous blog about taking higher kerbs) and the S-C 1XL glided over the raised lip with ease!

We bought a couple of video games, a t-shirt for Sullivan, a magazine, a pretty drinking glass, a few retro-style coasters and two tops for me. I love charity shopping! Browsing through people’s kind donations fills me with happiness. Finding that unexpected special something that speaks to your soul, like a soft toy that you simply can’t leave on the shelf as you’ve cuddled it already or an ugly ornament that would fit perfectly with your collection of oddities. Recycling has been such a huge and important deal for years now but re-using is just as vital. Keep giving purpose to things that have lived a life with someone else before you, strive to make your purchases last as long as possible.

It may seem a small thing to some but having more access to a wider range of shops in my local high street thanks to my new wheelchair is so refreshing. There are still a lot of places I can’t access in Penge due to step entrances without ramps, which is sad, but I hope as time and awareness moves on, these buildings and entrances will move on to being more accessible, too.

Do you live in an accessible-friendly town? Or is your hometown in serious need of modernisation for those with mobility issues and young families? I’d love to hear below!

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