Mobility Monday : Re-emerging

I’ve not blogged a Mobility Monday for a couple of months because, well, I haven’t gone anywhere or done anything worthy of blogging.

There has been no exploring around my local area to write about.

Our joint birthday celebration at the O2 I was hoping to capture for you, watching WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live from the disabled seating area, was cancelled.

The accessible seaside holiday I had been so looking forward to documenting here was refunded.

Our days out, adventures and wheeling around came to a stop and so did my blogging.

Today though, we went for a socially distant stroll to a local little nature haven, Winsford Gardens. It was lovely to get out in the sunshine and experience the cool breeze against my skin. It reminded me just how much I miss going out in my lovely Lith-Tech Smart Chair 1XL. After a good few months of barely any usage, the ‘chair performed perfectly, transporting me pain-free and smoothly to and from a little bit of peace in this crazy world, with my beautiful little family.

I am also so happy to see Lith-Tech as a company still going strong through these turbulent times for businesses. This powered wheelchair saved my sanity and health at the end of last year, when I felt I had nowhere else to turn with my mobility. I am overjoyed to see the many orders still coming steadily in, alongside the smiling faces and glowing reviews from other customers. Toby, the CEO of Lith-Tech, has written his own blog post about this, why not take a read : How Lith-Tech Has Survived Covid-19 And How We Will Survive Anything Else The World Has To Throw At Us.

Things will still be pretty quiet around Mobility Monday for the time being as we’re still mostly staying home in an effort to protect ourselves as a clinically vulnerable household, however, I am going food shopping… yes, shopping in an actual shop… this week for the very first time since lockdown began months ago. So, I’ll be blogging next week about my experience with my Smart Chair 1XL and social distancing in a potentially crowded situation. I look forward to chatting with you all then!

Keep safe everyone.

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