Mobility Monday : Groundhog Day

Welcome back to another Mobility Monday blog!

Unfortunately, it’s groundhog day again here at Spotlesspinata HQ. Our lift has been broken down all weekend and today too. The managers of our tower block are hoping an engineer will be able to fix it tomorrow late afternoon but we shall see on that one. It’s been an isolating and frustrating time yet again, no ones fault of course but it’s beginning to wear very thin living somewhere that is both unacceptable for access and such a safety hazard for me.

I usually try to see the positive in as many situations as I can but I must admit this latest addition piled on to my already full plate is making me nauseous.

Sitting down and thinking about things I am thankful for really helps me appreciate what I have got, during these harder times. I have a roof over my head. I have education, I have freedom to learn and love. I have a wonderful family and lots of support from amazing friends. Part of this mind-blowing support enabled me to purchase my Lith-Tech Smart Chair 1XL back in December (wow doesn’t that feel like a lifetime ago?).

Yes, I’m stuck indoors when our lift breaks down but if I really needed to leave the house in an emergency, I could. If I had two average strength helpers with me, they would be able to carry my SC-1XL down and up the narrow concrete stairs in our block, to and from our 3rd floor flat, then come back for me, complete with crutches for support. It’s by no means an easy feat and would take quite some time but it can most definitely be done if I really needed to get to hospital. The SC-1XL weighs in at around 26kg, which is fabulously light for the fact it can take up to 177kg user weight. It folds down and is easy to handle, especially between to people. My NHS ‘chair weighs a whopping 128kg, the difference is massive! It doesn’t fold at all, making it extremely cumbersome. The sheer weight of it combined with it’s shape and size makes it impossible to move up and down any flights of stairs, no matter how many people could help carry it.

I may feel rubbish and isolated, frustrated and annoyed right now but I am lucky.

I know it. I will try to live it.

For now, I’m snuggling down in my Hobbit hole, badly but enthusiastically hand-sewing face coverings for my family, planning work for September’s Year 4 start for Sullivan and looking forward to my 10th wedding anniversary on Friday.

How has your week been? I’d love to hear below!

2 thoughts on “Mobility Monday : Groundhog Day

  1. I think you are a very brave and selfless person, that is why you have so many people more than happy to go the extra mile to help you! Stay just the way you are we all love you xxxx


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