Mobility Monday – My Art

Welcome back to another Mobility Monday!

I hope your week is off to a good start?

Lots is changing here at Spotlesspinata HQ, some of which I’ll be talking about in upcoming posts about the Motability scheme and living life as an unpaid carer. I have also started a social media challenge this week with Remember The Girls, writing a small blog each day for the next week about having an X-linked genetic disorder.

As that’s some pretty serious stuff and we’ve also had a few sombre posts regarding ableism and access recently, I thought today I would keep things light-hearted.

As many of you know, I love art. I love to draw, paint, craft and experiment with a whole host of materials but just recently I’ve been really loving my art tablet and stylus that my wonderful husband bought for my birthday last year. Being able to use both my passions for computer design and art together in one program and style has been awesome. I found I have a real flair and enjoyment for animal portraits but I also love trying to get as photo-realistic as I can.

After many hours of drawing beloved pets for myself, friends and family, I decided to change it up and try something a but more technical and away from my drawing comfort zone… my Lith-Tech wheelchair!

I had never tried to draw anything like this before, my style has always been based on emotional subjects, things full of life… but I realised my wheelchair is just that. It’s brought me so much joy and freedom that it provokes those emotions within me. I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent drawing something dramatically different to my usual style. This piece took around 5.5 hours of work.

I’d love to hear about any hobbies that bring you happiness below.

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