Remember The Girls : Day Seven

I’m participating in a social media challenge started by Remember The Girls this week! The aim is to raise awareness of X-linked genetic disorders and specifically to talk about our own experiences of having an X-linked disorder as a woman. I will post 7 blogs throughout this week, with the below themes.

Day Seven : Why Everyone Should Remember The Girls.

For every woman wrestling with the decision whether or not to try for biological children, due to her own genetic makeup.

For every woman cradling her newborn, desperately wondering if she has passed on her affected genes.

For every woman thrown into the sometimes sudden shock of dealing with extremely complicated healthcare.

For every mother coping with the pain and anguish of watching her child suffer through something that came from her.

For every grandmother who has watched her child and grandchild’s story unfold as her own did, with tears in her eyes and a broken heart.

For every woman who is fighting to raise awareness for themselves, a friend, loved one or stranger.

For every female medical professional trying to make a difference in women’s diagnosis and treatment.

For every mother who has had to mourn her child, lost, forever too soon, to X-linked genetic disease.

For every woman living with a life affected in some way by an X-linked disorder.

We must Remember The Girls.

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