Mobility Monday : Letting Go

Happy Monday, everyone!

You may have noticed my blog being taken over a bit last week with daily posts for Remember The Girls – an amazing group of people trying to raise awareness and support for women with X-linked diseases. I really enjoyed the week of social media prompts and I hope if you had a read of those posts that you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

We’re heading back to more normal content today though with another Mobility Monday.

Some of you may remember my blog post from earlier this year about our new Motability car. If you’d like a refresher read, here is the post. We ordered our new metallic orange Renault Clio right back at the beginning of February but then the world was hit by the pandemic and most things stopped, even the production of cars (which I didn’t even think about at the time). So much was affected… and still is.

So we waited and waited. Waited some more. The long and short of it is we still don’t have the new car and Motability have been graciously extending the insurance and details of our old car each month. We’ve pretty much had 6 months of no driving. When you add up the cost I’m paying out of my disability benefit, that’s a lot of unused money that we could really use right now. I will go in to that aspect of things in next week’s post but basically due to a mix of my mobility needs and unexpected redundancy, my husband is becoming my full-time carer and we are losing a lot of income.

Since purchasing my wonderful Lith-Tech Smart Chair 1XL with the help of my amazing family and friends, getting around by car has become a lot easier. I no longer have to rely on a WAV or 7 seat car with the back chairs folded and a hoist fitted to get my wheelchair in. I can use cabs and most average cars. Our hospital appointments have all but stopped due to Covid-19 and will be less in volume when they start back up again, as we got all of the big diagnostic appointments all done in the few years previous to 2020 (when our Motability car was an absolute life-changer). We won’t be able to afford to go on holiday for a fair while and we live in a pretty accessible area. We really don’t have a need for a car which balances the overall financial outlay to us right now.

I’m a little sad about it, in some ways it feels like a step back but mainly I feel free. I’m not a car person and neither is my husband. We loved the look of the car we had on order at the beginning of the year but neither of us enjoy the upkeep of having a car or indeed driving around South-East London with our precious cargo in the back (the kids… although my wheelchair is a close second!). As a family, we have chosen to move forward in our lives with the goal of happiness and experiencing the least stress possible. This is just one way we’re hoping to achieve that goal.

The Renault showroom were so understanding and so was the Motability advisor I spoke with on the phone. Cancelling my Motability subscription and new car couldn’t have been easier. If you use the scheme and ever have any questions or worries, I urge you to call them. Really great customer service. We now have my mobility part of my PIP benefit back and can use this to aid with picking up shopping/getting us to appointments when needed etc with my new wheelchair, which can be so much more easily transported than my NHS ‘chair. It will be much more beneficial this way than having a lovely car going mostly unused, sitting in our car park being abused by bird butts.

Is a car essential for you to get around? Let me know below!

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