Mobility Monday : Slowing Down

Good morning everyone!

I’m afraid this Mobility Monday is a little short today as I really haven’t been out and about much.

I dislocated my knee a few weeks ago and have found it difficult to sit with my knee in a bent position until very recently. Moving about, even in a wheelchair, was increasingly painful after 5 or 10 minutes and would last well on into the day and night.

Luckily I have a super comfortable wheelchair in the Lith-Tech SC1-XL, with lots of room either side of the arm rests for me to shuffle my weight from side to side when needed and also a very supportive foot rest. Lith-Tech even sell leg extensions which look amazing for my exact problem. I am on the road to recovery now but if I had a permanent knee injury I would definitely be looking into these. (As a side note, how cool is this drinks holder?! I definitely need one!)

Having my comfy ride enabled me to spend a bit of socially distanced time with a friend and her sons only a week after I dislocated my knee. I’ve also been able to attend a few hospital appointments for my youngest son and just yesterday I enjoyed a little trip out to our tiny local green area.

One of the last bright summer flowers.

As we shuffle towards a possible second lock down here in the UK due to rising cases, I’m still unsure of my wheelchair adventure plans. Our long-awaited night out to WWE Smackdown Live, which was moved from May 2020 to October 2020, has now been rescheduled to May 2021. Our summer holiday, filled with exciting plans of documenting our travels here, has been long cancelled and probably won’t be re-booked due to our circumstances now. Museum and home education visits are on hold due to infection worries and cost.

In December 2019 when I finally got the wheelchair of my dreams, I was so looking forward to the adventures we’d have with it in 2020. How quickly the world changes.

For now, as I wait to see what the next few days and weeks bring regarding Covid-19, I’m focussing on how lucky we are to have our health and the privileges we do as a family. Once my knee is feeling much better I hope to get out and explore my local area, now that I have a more weather-reliable wheelchair. I know this won’t be as exciting as my planned posts for this year but I hope you’ll still enjoy seeing my posts.

Keep safe everyone.

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