Mobility Monday : Sale Season

Happy Mobility Monday folks!

So, Halloween/Samhain/spooky holiday season is over *sniff* but I’m not too down, as it means I can start thinking about our family winter festivities! Twinkling fairy lights, decorations, cuddles under snuggly blankets with warm drinks, silly films and gift giving to those we love.

Black Friday sales are fast approaching. I’ve never enjoyed the rush and scrummaging around shops just for one day of bargains – especially in a wheelchair, no matter how super it is – although for the past few years, ‘Black Friday’ has turned into a bit of an all-week sales push, both in-store and online. Cyber Monday is a thing now, too. Shops start forcing their sales, many of which are miniscule savings or the prices have been upped before the sale to make it look like more of a deal. It feels almost inescapable to me and I can see how a lot of people feel pressured to buy things and spend money they wouldn’t necessarily have spent.

Last year, Ray and I went to our local superstore for our big Christmas food shop. As we stood waiting in the ever increasing check-out line, we both chatted about how the store was bombarding shoppers with Tannoy announcements every few minutes. At first it was laughable but then as we waited on… 10, 15, 20 minutes… for our turn to check out, the vibe just became gross. People were running from their spot in line to go and grab more items which were announced as being reduced. Two people tried to take things from other people’s trolleys and that was just where we were in the shop! The intensity being pushed by the messages was anxiety-building for me – and I wasn’t even interested in what they were trying to sell.

I never want to experience that kind of sales pushiness again, especially after this year. Panic buying because of Covid-19 was out of control for many around the UK. We had difficulties getting basics and had no option but to go in to store, as all home delivery slots were gone for months and months. Not great when you’re a vulnerable and disabled household but that’s what we were forced in to. In the first lockdown back in March, supermarkets begged and pleaded with people not to take more than they needed but just a few short months before, in Christmas 2019, were actively pushing people to purchase and consume to excess. I do understand that everyone has to take personal responsibility for their choices but aggressive marketing and media campaigns are proven to be so manipulative that they have to take some of that blame, too. For years we’ve been moulded into a society of desiring both excess and mega bargains. When the stability of food and essential items is suddenly thrown into question, is it any wonder many people react by over-buying?

Sales, marketed with responsibility and transparency, definitely have their place. Lith-Tech have a fantastic sale on at the moment with their Smart Chair 2. There has been no hard push, prices are easy to see and haven’t been dishonestly upped and then lowered. The wheelchair is an absolute gem and the team are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

I’m hoping as we have all experienced such turbulent and humbling times recently that Black Friday/Christmas/Boxing Day sales won’t be quite as aggressive and gross as they have been the past few years. What do you think of the sales season? Let me know below!

3 thoughts on “Mobility Monday : Sale Season

  1. I’m with you I hate bloody sales it’s the only way they get rid of the crap they couldn’t sell earlier in the year and it seems to be all small sizes in clothes. As far as other goods they never seem cheap to me


  2. I hate hate hate the sales, having worked in retail for a while I soon realised they bring rubbish stuff in and try sell them at stupid prices, what doesn’t sell goes back in storage until the next sale!


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