Mobility Monday : A Little Drive

Happy Mobility Monday folks!

Well, I did it. I left the house! Last week was busy here dealing with the dreaded mould mites again – cleaning, spraying, more cleaning, more spraying. We’ve also been house hunting pretty seriously which has taken up a lot of time and mental energy BUT I made it out, in to lovely nature with my little family.

We travelled to our local green space called Winsford Gardens.

We’ve spent so many years packed with changing seasons and magical weather in this beautiful space. When we’re bored or down or just in need of a connection with nature, we go to Winsford Gardens.

When we wanted to make a new home for some garden snails as pets, we chose to collect them from, you guessed it, Winsford Gardens. It’s always our go to. During the first lockdown there was an increase in alcohol consumption and drug use in the gardens, which was a little concerning as it didn’t really feel like a safe space for children during those times but things have become much more child-friendly again in the past months.

It has winding paths through it’s natural beauty and lots of grass. During the warm months, my Smart Chair 1XL can handle all terrains there with ease! I personally choose to avoid muddy grassy areas in the Autumn and Winter as fallen leaves can hide an awful lot of dog poop and my wheels can get pretty muddy. Not good with a cream carpet! rest assured though, the wheelchair could definitely cope with it all regardless.

So I said I’d try to record some video of my journeys and I was true to my word this week. Here’s a short clip of me filming from my wheelchair, going at speed 4 out of 5 (which is about 3 mph). I’m following my 9 year old son on his Micro Scooter, having a blast! As you can see, the ‘chair maintains a strong and steady pace no matter the bends or bumps in the path. When the path declines, my son speeds up significantly yet my ‘chair and I stay steady.

I hope you enjoyed that little sneak peek in to one of our outdoor adventures, I hope to do some more soon. Where are your favourite places to go in Lockdown 2? Let me know below!

2 thoughts on “Mobility Monday : A Little Drive

  1. Great video your lith tec chair manoeuvres wherever you want to go, definitely changed you to be able to get out and about.
    Hope you/we can find a suitable new home soon xxxx


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