Mobility Monday : Rapunzel

Happy Mobility Monday everyone.

It’s my firstborn son’s 18th birthday today!

He was given an early gift of being popped into Tier 4 along with us, so unfortunately there’s no hint of a party, distanced get together or seeing more than one person outside for us all today and at Christmas, too. We’re coping with things but I know an awful lot of people are struggling too.

My blog is titled Rapunzel as I feel a little trapped in my tower right now. I also haven’t had a hair cut for 4 years, so, I’m pretty sure I could let down my hair for someone to climb up if needed. Now, of course, the new strain of Covid-19 is horribly scary and I have personally seen friends affected by this over the past 10 days. I agree we need this lockdown (and I also think schools need to close in January) but, sheesh, what I’d do for a teeny tiny break. You see there’s a bit of a double whammy going on for us too, as the lifts to our flat are broken. Again. So I can’t get in or out without significant help. Wouldn’t it be fab if someone could climb right on up my manky 4 year old expired tresses and magically fix our lift, freeing me for a bit of stress-free fresh air?

We’re not living in a Grimm Fairy Tale (despite evidence to the contrary) so unfortunately we have to wait for parts and engineers and for things to be safe, which means I’ve been stuck indoors for ages and will continue to be for some time. This also means I’ve been unable to go out (before Tier 4 restrictions came in) to get some snazzy Christmas decorations for my wheelchair, so I have had to put that on hold until next year.


I am braving the ‘leave the house without causing severe injury to yourself’ challenge tomorrow, as we desperately need to go and get food shopping. Thankfully due to my fantastic Lith-Tech Smart Chair 1XL this is something I can achieve with help.

As I’ve mentioned before, Lith-Tech‘s wheelchairs are like no other in what they offer in safety, manoeuvrability and weight. They are super light-weight compared to most other ‘chairs on the market and foldable too, which makes transporting them from place to place so much easier. My husband and my dad will be carrying the wheelchair down the stairs, then I will make my way down afterwards with support. We will do the same coming back but with added shopping bags. I want to stress this is not ideal or particularly safe for me, I will feel the pain and consequences but at least it is achievable! I have Lith-Tech and my ever-caring family to thank for that.

What are your plans looking like now? Are you in Tier 4 like us? Let me know below.

3 thoughts on “Mobility Monday : Rapunzel

  1. Lovely blog as usual from my darling daughter.
    Bloody lifts in her block are a joke they are spending nearly a million pounds on the roof work and yet can’t fix the lifts it beggars belief, still she and all of the family carry on regardless boy do they need a ground floor flat or bungalow rant over happy Christmas xxxx


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