Taters Gonna Tate

Hi folks!

What better time to break my dry spell of blogging than National Vegetarian Week?!

I’ve been vegetarian for four years now. I was surprised to find out it had been that long as it really doesn’t feel like it, yet, I can’t actually remember back to the last time I ate meat or fish, or what it tastes like. Alongside cutting out meat and fish products, I stopped drinking cow’s milk and reduced dairy ingredients too. Maybe I’ll go full vegan at some point in the future but I don’t feel ready to take that step yet.

One thing I’ve stuck to throughout my four years of vegetarian diet is trying to be understanding of others’ choices. Unfortunately a lot of the time, this hasn’t been reciprocated and I’ve often been teased or ridiculed by both meat eaters and vegans for my own personal choices.

Today, I’ve come to share a few links with you if you’re interested in finding out more about vegetarianism or fancy making some changes to your own diet. If you’re not interested in those things, I hold no anger or negativity towards you. It’s really as simple as that.

The National Vegetarian Week website has a host of information:

The National Vegetarian Week website is also hosting a Veggie 123 challenge. Go veggie for ONE week, nominate TWO friends and donate THREE pounds. Great if you have a lovely group of friends wanting to experiment with food for a week and raise some money for the Vegetarian Society. Some of the ways they use their donation money includes:

  • Making clear, accessible labels for packaged food in supermarkets etc for vegetarian and vegan friendly foods.
  • Packing and sending emergency food parcels to those in need.
  • Working closely with schools and colleges to make sure vegetarian and vegan options are provided for those that want/need them.
  • Providing free cookery clubs for community groups.

As the title of this blog states, taters gonna tate, haters gonna hate. Whichever path you choose in your life there will always be people out there who disagree and take pleasure in pointing that out to you. I love being vegetarian and I’d love if more people moved away from meat, fish and dairy products but I will never force those views or ridicule those who choose differently from me.

Are you participating in National Vegetarian Week? Have you made any vegetarian or vegan changes to your life? Do you have a favourite veggie junk food or takeaway to share? I’d love to hear about it all below!

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